Phone System: IP vs Hosted

What is the difference between IP and Hosted Phone Systems?

A Hosted Phone System is rented, whereas an IP Phone System, you buy it for your use and choose where to host it.

IP and Hosted Phone Systems use the same technology...

However, Hosted Phone Systems are cloud-based

And IP Phone Systems are connected via Ethernet

The benefits of a Hosted Phone System:

* Flexibility

* Scalability

* Business Continuity

* Minimal set-up costs

* No physical hardware

* Speedy installation

And the benefits of an IP Phone System?

* You own the system

* You choose where to host it

* No long-term contracts

* Variety of features

Limitations of a Hosted Phone System?

There is only one:

You need a reliable internet connection. The internet determines the voice quality so a good connection is paramount.

What about limitations of an IP Phone System?

* Up-front costs can be hefty

* Maintenance is your responsibility 

* Upgrades are at your expense

* You will need to choose where to host it - on premise or externally

Your choice will likely depend on your budget and your business type. 

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