Best Phone System for Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities need to be able to communicate across departments as well as answering or placing external calls. 

We have worked with many Schools and Universities suggesting VoIP systems which have worked really well for them.

Points to consider with a new phone system

* Reliability – You can’t have a system that fails at the time you need the most.

* Flexibility – Your phone system needs to adapt to any growth in users or changes to campus.

* Security – You need a high level of security and regular back-ups.

* SLA’s – You need a good support package.

Key features you'll need

* Emergency button

* Intercom system

* Automated messages to student’s parents 

* Call routing

* Internal calling 

* Video conferencing 

* Unique phone number per staff member

Which phone system?

Small sites - that only require 4-10 extensions, we recommend the NEC phone system. It doesn’t restrict growth and you can  comfortably increase the users to 30-40.

Larger sites - that require more than 30 extensions and across multiple locations we recommend Mitel’s MiVoice Business; ideal even if Schools or Universities have restrictive budgets.

Get in touch to demo phone systems that are made for Schools and Universities and choose the best fit for you. 

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