Running a Remote Contact Centre

Your Contact Centre needs to ensure that during and post-lockdown, that your customer service remains top-notch, with a fully-supported workforce.

Which technology makes it easier for your Contact Centre during Lockdown?

Laptop - supplied by you if possible

Security for files - using a solution that has VPN

Phone System - one which can be used remotely 

Headset - that can be used with your softphone application

Connectivity - reliable broadband is key

To manage and motivate your team, consider:

Call Centre Management Tools - to manage performance

Unified Communications - to collaborate effectively

Surveys - to analyse customer service

Many businesses are switching to remote Contact Centres permanently 

Substantial overheads can certainly be saved!

For a safe, post COVID-19 lockdown return to your traditional Contact Centres, consider your:

Work rotas

Desk spaces

Communal areas.

There are also ways to protect your business, such as:

Touch-free Entry/Exit

Density Control (people counting technology)

Thermal Cameras

So there's lots to consider, whether your Contact Centre remains remote, or not....

The BTT Comms team can advise on the best tech for your Contact Centre