Which Phone System should I choose?


When we look at a business, we offer them the right solution fit, which is why we don’t limit ourselves to one option, however, we have several partners and we have thoroughly tested their systems to know the key benefits and any limitations they may have.

Horizon is one such system. It is a Hosted Phone System which is offered by our partners; Gamma.

About Gamma

Gamma is a leading supplier of voice, data, mobile and cloud products and services in the UK. Their products cater to a range of different sized business across multiple sectors.

We have been working with Gamma for approximately, 10 years and we were one of the early adopters of their platform. We have seen their business grow and year-on-year then keep on developing their products to the best that they can be.

They are now one of the UK’s largest network operators and they have never lost their ability to respond quickly to any queries or issues.

About Horizon

Horizon is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

Horizon gives local administrators the ability to manage and configure the system according to your organisation’s needs. Employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively, so maximising individual productivity.

Companies of all sizes find Horizon is a brilliant alternative to having a whole new system fitted and at the low monthly cost it is available for, it makes a big difference to the business.

  • Features you can easily control – Horizon puts you in complete control of your phone system and comes with an extensive range of call handling and management features, accessed through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Enables flexible working – Horizon helps businesses become more efficient by enabling flexible work environments through hot-desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices.
  • One number anywhere – Horizon integrates your fixed and mobile capabilities so that you never miss a call. Callers need only dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously; ongoing calls can be moved seamlessly from one device to another without hanging up and a single voicemail box can be accessed from any device.
  • Number choice – You can keep your existing numbers or get new numbers.
  • On-demand service with no hidden costs – As Horizon is hosted on your behalf, you only pay for what you need on a simple per-seat basis. As you’re not buying a PBX, there’s no major hardware investment.
  • A business continuity solution – Because Horizon sits in the cloud, the service provides business continuity features that allow your organisation to carry on making and taking calls, whatever the circumstances.
  • Lower call costs – Horizon offers all the cost benefits of IP telephony including free site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates. If you use Horizon together with our mobile services you benefit from free calls between your fixed and mobile devices.

Accounts Superhero was looking for high quality but cost-effective phone system.

Discover how we helped installed the Horizon hosted phone system and how that helped their business.

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How it Works?

Easy to use Interface:

  • A wide range of call handling features accessed via web
  • Dashboard for convenient access to information:
    • Call history
    • Voicemail
    • Recorded calls
  • Jargon-free and easy-to-use for a quick, personalised set-up

Administrator Interface:

  • Provides IT managers with a powerful administrative management capability
  • Allows employees to control calls quickly and effectively
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Retain control or pass control to the user

Call Recording:

  • Record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or auditing
  • Optional secure online access to file storage and retrieval of call details
  • Record all calls, some calls, or on demand
  • Pause and Resume calls

Auto Attendant:

  • Provide callers with call routing options for different areas of the business
  • Create announcements to inform callers of key details:
    • Opening hours
    • Website address when the office closed

+ - Key Features

Better team working

  • Ad hoc Conference – convenient collaboration with your team
  • Hunt Groups – distributing calls across your team
  • Call Transfer – to any internal or external number
  • Common or customisable settings for sites, groups and departments
  • Call Park – hold call, pick up on another phone
  • Call Pick-up – answer a group member’s phone Instant
  • Group Call – efficient collaboration
  • Call Barge – aids training and support for call handlers

Improve your company image

  • Call Waiting – ensures you’re ready to take the next call
  • Music on Hold – promote your messages
  • Diversion Inhibitor – avoid calls being passed on and on
  • Auto Attendant – menu options for call routing
  • Enhance Your Brand – upload your company logo and specific adverts
  • CLI Flexibility – present any number you have permission to call on behalf of

Work Efficiently

  • Last Number Redial – for convenient repeat dialling
  • Click to Dial – easily make a call through user interface or client
  • Account Codes – assign calls to cost centres
  • Presence or Pre-set Availability Profiles – manage incoming calls
  • Anonymous Call Rejection or Selective Call Rejection – no more unwanted calls
  • Auto Callback – stay productive
  • Busy Lamp Keys – call your colleagues when they’re free
  • Do Not Disturb – show you are unavailable
  • Company Directory – available from the handset and up to 100 speed dials for your favourite numbers
  • Call Recording – for audit trails, compliance or training purposes

Mobile and Flexible Working

  • Call Forwarding – manage incoming calls effectively
  • Home Worker – take profiles and settings home
  • Voicemail – play a message from your desktop, save it or forward a copy to your entire team
  • One Number Anywhere and Sequential Ringing – never miss a call
  • Call Notify by Email – keep track of important calls
  • Hot-Desking – use your number and preferences on any enabled phone in your company
  • Remote Office – use your number and profile anywhere

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Once you decide to choose a phone system, the best next step is to demo different types of phone systems to see which one will suit your business.

We can offer a demo of Horizon phone system but we also have two other hosted phone systems, Wildix and MiCloud which also may be of interest. We can carry out a demo this via screen sharing technology or we can come to your business.

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