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At BTT, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to sponsor the SME Awards Northamptonshire, once again.

SME Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of businesses specifically the impact they are having on the county. As sponsors of the 2019 SME Awards, we were exceptionally impressed with calibre of businesses that entered last year and we are excited to see more businesses enter this year.

We think that sharing success shouldn’t always remain behind closed doors; excellence should be celebrated and where possible, learnt from, and that certainly happened last year. When we judged last year, we found it exceptionally insightful into what other businesses are doing and in turn, made us look at our business to see if we can make changes.

There are 22 categories that you can enter and we are sponsoring Business of the Year (less than 50 employees.) We hope that as a business in Northampton you are able to enter not just the category, we are sponsoring but any of the categories. You can enter up to two different categories.

The awards will open at the beginning of April 2020 and the closing date will be mid-June. The winners will be announced at an Awards Dinner on 1st October.

There will be opportunities to go to events which are designed to help you create the best application. We would encourage all those who are considering entering the awards, to attend to pick up as much advice on how to maximise their application.

Our judges are Robert Bright and Shiv Passap, both of our Directors. Should you be looking at entering the Business of the Year (less than 50 employees) category which we are judging; we are looking for three main things: Business Growth, Initiative and good Company Culture.

Both Robert and Shiv would be delighted to provide advice on a good category submission, all you need to do is call them.

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