Find out which phone system is best for your Golf Club, Gym or Leisure Centre

We have been installing phone systems for over 25 years across the UK. We have significant experience working in the leisure industry, installing phone systems into gyms, golf clubs and leisure centres.

Regardless of whether you are a small business with a handful of users or a large corporate leisure group with thousands of users, we have the experience to tailor the solution to you and the resource and experience to install the best phone system and support you. We offer experienced advice every step of the way to recommend a perfect phone system solution for your business.

There are three main phone system options; Hosted (VoIP) Phone System, Hybrid Phone Systems, and IP Phone Systems.

Our recommendations

A Hosted (VoIP) Phone System is cloud-based which means you connect to it using an internet connection (IP technology) but effectively you are renting the system rather than purchasing your own dedicated phone system.

Hosted (VoIP) Phone Systems tend to operate on a pay-per-seat model and with no upfront costs (unless you are purchasing hardware like handsets) which makes it a low-cost alternative to other phone systems especially when businesses do not need to worry about maintenance and hosting costs, too.

A Hybrid Phone System is an on-premise phone system that has been designed to combine the advantages of all the different types of phone connection technology such as ISDN, Analogue, Digital and IP into a single modern and flexible phone system.

Hybrid phone systems enables businesses to retain things like external phone line connections, audio conferencing devices, or cordless phones whilst combining the convergence of IP technology; offering feature-rich functionality and flexibility to handle all your business communication needs.

It is worth noting that a Hybrid Phone System is an on-site phone system and isn’t available as a fully cloud hosted system.

An IP Phone System uses IP technology like a Hosted Phone System except, you own the phone system which means you have to choose where you host it and any handsets are connected via an Ethernet connection. (A Hosted Phone System is cloud-based and hosted by the provider and you effectively rent the phone system from them.) An IP Phone system can be hosted on-premise, in a data centre, or on your own private cloud.

For Golf Clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres, the best option is typically the Hosted (VoIP) Phone system.

Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

  • Flexibility as your team can use your phone system even if they are remote workers or on the road (via their mobile) and if you ever need to move office, you simply plug in your handsets into the internet line.
  • Scalability as adding and removing users is simple.
  • Variety of Features such as video conferencing, call routing, voicemail recording sent to email etc.
  • Automatic upgrades are distributed to all users.
  • Easy Phone Management as you can make changes you need via the online portal such as adding new users or changing settings e.g., hunt groups.
  • Minimal set-up costs as there are no hardware costs unless you want phone handsets.
  • Low monthly cost per user.
  • No physical hardware to host on-site or remotely.
  • Speedy installation as it’s unlikely that you’ll need physical cabling because most places have internet connectivity.
  • Maintenance is included within your monthly subscription.
  • Business continuity is covered with hosted telephony, as your calls can be instantly rerouted in the event of an outage – meaning you won’t be missing out on business.
  • Integrations can be done with a number of systems including most popular CRMs.
  • Call Reporting on call volumes, active users etc is included as standard and can easily be viewed via your online portal dashboard.
  • Call Recording Add-ons available whether you need it for MiFID compliance of simply for training purposes. 

Limitations of a Hosted Phone System

There is only one caveat when it comes to deploying a Hosted (VoIP) phone system and that is; you need to ensure you have a reliable internet connection to guarantee clear voice quality for your phone calls.

Hosted (VoIP) Phone systems we recommend for the leisure industry

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