Live Call Screening

What is Live Call Screening?

Live Call Screening is a feature that allows you to listen to callers as they leave you voicemail messages.

There are various call monitoring solutions available in the market, and the feature can vary from solution to solution. Just some of the key features are listed below:

  • Dashboard
  • Phone book
  • Live call statistics
  • Call barge-in
  • Listen the ongoing conference
  • Whisper
  • Extension support
  • Take control of the call
  • Hang up
  • Call notes
  • Call recording
  • Call tagging
  • Notifications
  • Caller ID
  • Call detail reports

The live call monitoring system can be used with any VoIP solution. The VoIP experts can integrate the live call monitoring system within your existing communication solutions.

Benefits of Live Call Screening

  • Assurance of call quality
  • In call centres, you can speak with your team without the knowledge of your caller, for training and guidance
  • Handling of suspicious calls in an effective way
  • Improvement of your brand value

Automatic Live Call Screening

With Automatic Live Call Screening enabled, an extension will immediately screen (broadcast) an incoming message as soon as the caller starts to leave it in the extension’s mailbox. The extension user hears two beeps followed by the caller’s voice.

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