7 Things to Consider before Cabling

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It’s all about the Cables!

Cables aren’t the least bit sexy but they are essential. They are around us every day, helping us to call out on our phone handsets, use our internet, even at home; to watch our TV, yet they are widely underappreciated. They have the potential to take make or break technology.

What is so important about Cables?

Data Cabling is essential for technology to work; WAN, LAN, internet etc, however, not any old cable will do.

Before installation takes place for any new technologies, a cabling infrastructure needs to be well thought out because it determines how quickly you get access to your new technology. If this isn’t thought through, you could potentially have this brand new piece of technology which was going to enhance your business, slow it all right down and all because of the cables used!

Cabling is expensive!

Not necessarily but it can add up to 10-15% of your project cost but think of it like this; those cables make or break the effect your new technology has on your business.

When cabling is planned out well (and installed correctly), it will anticipate future technologies so it should last you around 15-20 years.

That is why you need to consider the importance of high-quality cabling because poor cabling could cost you more in the long run when you have to replace them every few years.

Things we have to consider with Cables…

We need to:

  1. Understand the technology that we are installing and the cable that will work best; cables have set purposes and there is a reason why there are separate cables! E.g. audio cable for audio
  2. Account for the growth of the system so we allow plenty of cables and the right spec of cable
  3. Account for multiple technologies being present which may require different cables
  4. Use good quality cables so that they stand the test of time
  5. Ensure the cables provide the right amount of shielding so they don’t pick up interference
  6. Ensure the cables have the correct voltage
  7. Use the right length of cable to ensure there is plenty for growth but not too much wastage.

The main thing you need to consider is making sure that you have someone who is well-trained with cabling so that you don’t have to pay out even more, even more, as someone else has done!

Did you know?

In our industry it is widely known that 70% of problems with a network are typically caused by poor cabling whether that it technique, type of cable or even length of the cable!

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