Common Mistakes Companies Make with Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is one of the most important parts of protecting your company and your customers. Having poor cybersecurity could result in:

  • the companies reputation being damaged
  • theft or loss of sensitive data
  • opperational disruptions

All of this could result in financial losses, a dip in productivity and put the whole business at risk.

So what are the most common mistakes resulting in cyber attacks and how can we help you stop them.

Cybersecurity is just an I.T Issue:

One of the most common reasons of a cyber attach is user error. By simply having a lack of knowledge or understanding on the subject you could unknowingly cause a cyber attack.

Being able to train staff to understand the most common types of attacks, the danger they can pose, and the best practices for identifying them will drastically reduce the chances of you and your business falling victim to a cyber attack. Don't just leave it up to your I.T department to stop cyber attacks.


We can help with our User Awareness Training. The training may involve simulated cyber-attacks so your employees know what to look for and how to respond when the real deal is happening, such as a simulated phishing attack which would highly resemble the sort of attacks that your staff would encounter most regularly.

Monitoring Your End Points:

Phones and laptops are your most common examples of endpoints and if the are connected to your system they should be protected properly. These are the main point of entry for a cyber attack and with more people working from home they can be harder to manage, increasing the risk. If one of the endpoints is venerable your whole system is venerable.


Manage your end point security which is typically done by a centralised software approach that will enable administrators to manage and identify end-users device access over the corporate network.

Checking and Updating your System:

Updating your software is important for all around computer maintenance. Software updates improve performance and fixes bugs. They will often also contain security patches and new security features, both of which are important to install. This means flaws that the attackers use to compromise your devises will be fixed and system as a whole will be more secure.

If you don't update your system these flaws will remain and you will be more venerable to a cyber attacks.

It is also important to regularly check your cybersecurity systems. By doing so you will be able to detect a wider range of threats, detect threats faster and therefor respond to them faster before they get more serious.


Make sure you and your staff are checking your system regularly.

Make sure everyone is checking and doing all of their updates updates on a regular basis.

Not preparing for an attack:

Preparing for a cyber attack is important, however unlikely it could be. Its better to prepare for this situation than to wrongfully assume your company is immune. Not preparing for this situation and having a good response plan could have serious consequences like you company having to go online until the situation is resolved.


Our Penetration Testing solution we can get you a complete diagnostic of your network and it's vulnerabilities, and vitally, how to address them.

Backing up your data is key. If something does happen and data is lost it you can recover everything from the cloud resulting in minimal damage.

To get a really in depth understanding of cybersecurity and make your company more secure, take a look at cyber essentials. This will give you a strong knowledge of your companies cybersecurity and can help attract new customers as you're awarded a certificate which showcases that you're proactive against cyberattacks.

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