The Benefits of Call Recording

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How can call recording benefit my business? Why is it so valuable? Can every business benefit from some sort of call recording? What about GDPR, can't it get me in trouble?

In today's article, we'll answer all this and more.

What is Call Recording?

Before we start with the nitty gritty, start with the basics, what is call recording?

As the name might suggest, call recording is the process of collecting audio (and more recently, screen activity) from phone calls.

Why? A company that records calls can collect insights into how staff are performing, what customers want, and what changes need to be made.

Here's an example: Your company has begun promotional activity for a new service/product, and you can accurately gauge customers' sentiment to see how it's being received

Here's another: The overall performance of your sales team has recently taken a dip, with call recording you can accurately gauge which agents need extra support.

Legal Obligations to Record Calls

Certain industries require calls to be recorded mainly specific pieces of information for compliance purposes. Knowing how to record a call properly, and how to anonymise data ensures you are properly able to comply with these laws, especially regarding customer consent and notification.

In a legal sense, call recordings are useful as evidence in cases where a customer/ employee has been abusive.

With that out of the way, let's get into the benefits of call recording!

Benefits of Call Recording

Better Understanding of Customers

With call recording, you get a birds-eye view of the complete customer journey, customer preferences, and the steps they need to take to purchase something.

Modern call recording often utilises AI tools which analyses key data points across many thousands of individual calls to offer you insights otherwise impossible to grasp.

Continuous Improvement

Monitoring the quality of calls is often the single biggest reason that call recording solutions are of interest to customers.

AI tools can even automate the monitoring of the quality of your customer experience to determine the sentiment of your customers both historically and in real-time.

If customer satisfaction/ sentiment drops below a certain point, an engineer will be automatically notified.

Keep Valuable Records

Best-of-breed call recording solutions will integrate with your CRM and other IT systems. This is especially helpful when collecting user information and delivering customised experiences with customers and clients.

Call information is automatically stored in the appropriate file for future reference. Other tools can even allow you to anonymise the data so you can stay within the boundaries of GDPR.

Have Irrefutable Evidence

No matter how comprehensive your company's training might be, or how experienced your staff are, you'll end up dealing with occasional complaints.

If a customer accuses that your staff member has done something inappropriate, or that an offering by your staff member hasn't been fulfilled, you can verify yourself with the complete history the customer has had with the business, and listen to the problem area. This is a helpful way to protect your business from problems that could potentially lead to a legal dispute.

Staying Within the Law

As mentioned above, some sectors and industries need to collect certain pieces of data due to certain regulations. If you're unsure if this applies to you, please get in touch and we'd be happy to help!

Take your Call Recording to the Next Level

If your business relies on over-the-phone interactions with customers, call reporting is essential, and BTT has over 26 years of experience in delivering it.

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