User Awareness Training

Phishing Simulation, Suspicious Behaviour Detection, Bespoke Training

A lack of awareness is the biggest cause of successful ransomware attacks. In fact, the most common cause of any sort of cyberattack is user error. This means that someone failed to identify a threat and they did most of the attacker's job for them by giving the attacker their sign-in details, personal information or even financial/ banking details. Unfortunately, if someone within your company is unknowingly cooperating with a cyber attacker even the most sophisticated cybersecurity technology can only mitigate the damage caused, not prevent it entirely.

User awareness Training will give your business:

Resiliency - Continuity - Security - Privacy

To put it another way: to take cybersecurity seriously, training your staff in the best practices should be at the top of your agenda.

Our User Awareness training solutions are bespoke and tailored to suit your business and the types of attacks and suspicious behaviour your staff needs to look out for, prior to the training, we'll do an audit of your current cybersecurity and anything we pick up on will be addressed.

What is User Awareness Training?

Many of the most common cyber attacks prey upon people's lack of understanding and willingness to help. Cyber attackers are becoming ever more sophisticated in their tactics of social engineering, spoofing and deceit. Being able to train staff to understand the most common types of attacks, the danger they can pose, and the best practices for identifying them will drastically reduce the chances of you and your business falling victim to a cyber attack.

The vast majority of cyberattacks are the digital equivalent of walking up to someone's front door and trying to open it to see if it's locked, if it is, they'll just move on to the next one. But in the digital world, every member of staff in your network is a potential "front door" and User Awareness Training is making sure they understand the basics of identifying friend and foe.

The training may involve simulated cyber-attacks so your employees know what to look for and how to respond when the real deal is happening, such as a simulated phishing attack which would highly resemble the sort of attacks that your staff would encounter most regularly.

Password Management & Digital Hygiene

The types of passwords your staff use will be a huge area of interest from a cybersecurity standpoint, and it ties into the sort of information that your staff put online too. Common security questions businesses use for identity validation which used to be obscure knowledge, such as someone's mother's maiden name, someone's first pet or the school someone went to can often be found by scrolling someone's Facebook page.

Keeping this valuable information private is called "Digital Hygiene" and it's one of the attack vectors which can gain an attacker a great advantage when it comes to getting access to your accounts. This sort of training can help your employees in their personal lives, as this sort of information is used also in identity theft and bank fraud.

How would your Business Benefit from User Awareness Training?

Absolutely everyone benefits when the business they work for is more secure. User Awareness Training won't turn your staff into cybersecurity experts, but it will equip them with the skills to identify phishing emails, best practices when browsing the web, how to spot malicious downloads and how to act when they think something suspicious is happening.

Having everyone in your team on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity can be essential when it comes to verifying if something is legitimate. For example, asking a director whether his email to pay something is legitimate or not can cause offence, after all, you're essentially implying that the director's conduct or email was less than professional (A business that values cybersecurity would celebrate this sort of scrutiny though!). After everyone has been trained, this sort of double-checking will become part of the employee's training, and no offence can reasonably be taken.

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