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As well as the expensive high-powered tools that can be left around on construction sites, another risk factor presents itself unique to construction site: they're completely empty most of the time.

Construction sites are targeted because they contain high value assets, equipment and tools. Open access points and vehicular entry, but most importantly sites are typically completely vacant during weekends and out of hours.

Due to all of the above reasons, people can enter a construction site, steal equipment or commit vandalism by simply walking in and not creating a disturbance.

This article will focus on the key security solutions to address the main incentives that criminals might have when they’re targeting your construction site.

Access Control

Knowing who comes in and out of your construction site is important for theft prevention reasons, as well as keeping people who aren’t permitted (or aren’t even legally allowed) out of harm’s way. Access control technology can be used in various places throughout a construction site, it's not uncommon for construction sites to have offices for staff to eat and prepare food, which can be open to all staff.

Or another office which is used for administration and management purposes which is only open to the admitted staff by giving them them ID cards or fobs to enter.

Security gates

For larger projects, a drop arm barrier is commonly used as a first step point of contact for people entering by car. Members of staff can be given fobs or cards with a buzzer attached to an onsite office. Also during night and weekends, it prevents cars from easily entering the site, and taking equipment easily and efficiently.

Security Barriers


Large and robust palisade fencing around the perimeter of the site will make entry outside of the defined access points very difficult and dissuade quick opportunists who otherwise might have tried to enter. However, this might not always be possible due to the scale and budget of the project, so temporary fencing like Heras Fencing or Timber or Steel Hoarding are often the best alternatives. Make sure to get anti-climb varieties which remove footholds for prospective intruders.


A construction site usually doesn’t represent a permanent place of work for most people involved, and if especially if you’ve got multiple sites, the amount of time you’ll physically spend at the actual site will diminish by a lot.

Because of this, you’ll want a CCTV system that also isn’t bound to a single location: IP CCTV.


IP CCTV cameras transmit to a central computer within an office or any location you choose. The system offers greater flexibility and high-quality footage. With the IP CCTV systems we install at BTT, you’ll get: a mobile app, receive alerts, Live streaming, Smart search, and cloud-based recording.

The locations of security cameras differ based on the unique qualities of each location and the areas of interest they create. The best way to know which areas are best served by what type of camera is to get an experienced expert to look at your construction site. Luckily, we offer absolutely free security audits.

Recommended functionality of the CCTV Cameras

That said, it makes sense to have cameras with the following functionality:

  • Weather protection
  • Night Vision
  • Intruder protection
  • Auto Tracking
  • Infra-Red
  • Panoramic view (no blind spots)
  • Tamper protection (Protection from vandalism)

Due to the most opportunity from a criminal’s point of view being available during night-time or weekends (when the site is completely vacant) intelligent and automated CCTV features like the ones listed above become crucial if you want to respond quickly to anything that shouldn’t be happening.

Intruder alarms and fire alarms

Intruder alarms are crime deterrents primarily and even when they don’t fulfill that purpose, they delay criminal actions. Intruder alarms and a smart CCTV system work together to form an effective security system.

We recommend a Dialler intruder alarm, or a smart intruder alarm. When the alarm is triggered, it will automatically call a pre-specified phone number or, if your choose the smart intruder alarm, it will contact you via the app.

Smart intruder alarms can trigger to call to the security team either on site or outsourced.

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