UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

What is UPS?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a device that provides a continuous power source to all major systems and equipment such as servers; so that they remain operational in the event of a power surge, power failure, drops in line voltage, brownouts and blackouts.

UPS’s feed power to the devices plugged into the UPS from the battery. Power charges the battery while in standby and when necessary the battery feeds power to the electronics. This way, you get a constant reliable and filtered power source to your electronics.

UPS’s will keep your device(s) up and running depending on the size battery you have and how much power those devices are requiring; some UPS’s give you enough power for a few minutes and some which give you power for several hours.

Your computer and other hardware equipment most likely cost you a significant sum of money. Sudden loss of power can corrupt operating systems installation as well as weakening internal hardware, which can result in costly repairs. A UPS is there to protect your investment.

UPS vs Battery Back-up

UPS is not to be confused with Battery Back-up. UPS’s are the improved version of a battery back-up. The main difference is the process of filtering power. Battery backups do not really filter the power, they switch to the battery when there is a loss of power but a power surge or brownout won’t trigger that action. UPS’s are always providing steady power to the devices plugged in from the battery so there is no switching.

Different types of UPS

There are three main types of UPS but each type has different models, with different capabilities.

  • Standby UPS
  • Online UPS
  • Line Interactive UPS

What is a Standby UPS?

The Standby UPS delivers short-term, battery-sourced power during outages. The standby unit and its inverter are essentially on hold until backup power is needed.

Some of the Standby UPS models can also safeguard data and sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, and dips.

A Standby UPS is commonly used to protect computers, modems, IP equipment, and other hardware.

What is Online UPS?

When an electrical failure occurs, the Online UPS maintains a consistent current flow for the protection of network equipment.

Upon fluctuation or failure, the rectifier within the UPS is automatically bypassed, and power is sourced from the battery until restoration occurs. The online UPS circuity is seamless.

Intelligent on-line UPS systems are available to support demanding loads and run times. More affordable double-conversion UPS units are available to smaller offices. Normally, the larger the unit, the longer equipment can be kept running.

What is Line-interactive UPS?

A Line-interactive UPS can regulate voltage automatically, responding to high and low voltage conditions. Should there be a lengthy outage, its battery power allows devices to be shut down safely. It will safeguard sensitive equipment during brownouts and blackouts.

This UPS supports systems during outages without draining the battery.

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