One thing I’ve found with BTT is when they explain things to you, they explain it very well. They don’t overcomplicate things with jargon.

Martin Armstrong - Customer order fulfillment manager, Woodstream Europe

Our level of confidence with them as a company is so high. They have become the go-to option for numerous communications solutions, such as cabling infrastructure when we are developing a new property.

Gary Perkins - Information systems manager, Centre Island

In a very busy hospital like this, moves and changes are needed very, very quickly sometimes, and BTT have always been able to respond to that.

Sue Austin - Switchboard and Facilities Helpdesk Manager, Luton and Dunstable Hospital

We tend to instruct a major contractor that we want to work with but we don’t when it comes to BTT because we trust them and we know that at the end of the project there's a relationship going forward that we know they will take ownership of.

Gary Perkins - Information systems manager, Centre Island