Shiv is a very personable young man gifted with the ability to explain highly technical topics in a way that makes them simple to understand. I never truly understood broadband speeds until Shiv explained them using the analogy of motorways, 'A' roads and 'B' roads!

Paul Stephen Brennan , Adastra Business Group Limited

[BTT] are very good at what they do.

They're very good at listening to what we wanted.

I'm quite a technical, hands-on IT manager and I know generally what I want. So it was nice to engage with them at a technical level, that they understood that and we could work closely together to get it bang on.

David Vile - IT manager, Metalweb

Form looking through my old contract, having a conversation to understand my requirements and providing their contract proposal, then patiently hand holding whilst switching over, Shiv was there every step of the way to help. That’s no mean feat when dealing with a telecom’s technophobe like myself. The communication from their back office was also consistent, clean and timely.

Sue Collins, Executive Training and Consultancy

BTT are always available at the end of the phone, they’re always quick to respond to anything that I have, especially if it’s urgent or an emergency.

Sue Austin - Transport, Switchboard and Facilities Helpdesk Manager, Luton and Dunstable Hospital

The ability of BTT to always ensure Centre Island is equipped with the latest technology is one aspect of the relationship that is especially valued by the us.

For instance, in one case, BTT was able to highlight to Centre Island when fibre broadband became available at one of its properties, which could give them a much higher-quality service without increasing operational costs

Gary Perkins - Information systems manager, Centre Island

This is a testimonial thanking BTT for services rendered to a high standard when implementing our new telephony system.

We encountered pricing and technical difficulties with our existing provider and BTT were able to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for all of your efforts.

, Purity Financial Services

We’ve got extra capacity, we’ve got the failover, we’ve got two lines now instead of one, so it’s pretty awesome.

Mr Halford, Moulton School

I was happy that it didn’t become a complicated process. They knew what I wanted and any issues that were emailed through were resolved quickly.

Martin Dale - Head of IT and reporting, SCS

We have dealt with Suzanne for some years now after being recommended to her, and we have followed her to BTT. We are delighted to say we are receiving the same great, flexible service and account management that we have become used to over the years.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending BTT and in particular Suzanne for your communication requirements.

Sue Kingston - Finance Director, S.A.C. Construction

Not one of them apart from BTT could do what I was after, they were basically not interested because they weren’t selling a telephone system to me and they didn’t really want to offer help because it seemed so complicated.

BTT’s attitude was completely different. They said they’d get it up and running for us, so I went with BTT and they were brilliant.

Martin Armstrong - Customer Order Fulfilment Manager, Woodstream Europe