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There has been a surge in people moving to the cloud because they have been told that cloud is the future of technology and they’ll be left behind if they don’t move. The reality is that yes, cloud computing definitely has its place but a complete cloud solution may not be the best way forward for your business.

Cloud Solution

Most people are familiar with this solution. It’s a solution hosted in an off-site cloud system that people usually access via desktop or mobile browser.

  • Updates and security are the responsibility of the owner of the cloud solution.
  • Cloud solutions are monthly or annual fees usually based on the number of users.
  • Cloud solutions are easily scalable as a business grows because it’s easy to add users to an application.

On-Premise solutions

An on-premise solution is exactly that; a solution held at a physical location of your choice. All of your data and applications are stored on your server or a private cloud.

The security of the on-premise solution is completely within your control and the ownership of maintenance falls to you.

On-premise solutions are generally the initial outlay of hardware and software and then maintenance. Generally, the hardware/software you purchase limits you to a certain limit of space or users, however, with good business planning you should be able to purchase additional space before it becomes an issue.


A hybrid solution is exactly that; a business that embraces a cloud solution whilst retaining an on-premise solution.

Generally, a business will host sensitive data in an on-premise solution and the rest on a public cloud solution. They are getting the best from both solutions by sharing the data but keeping the more sensitive data within their control whilst allowing for ease of scalability.

Should you be considering this route, you will need to ensure that the two are able to “talk” to each other.

Which option is best?

Unfortunately, there is not a set answer for everyone. It depends on the data you hold and the security level you require. Of course, it’s always a question of risk.

With an on-premise solution, you can’t set it up, leave it and hope for the best. To keep it secure, you need to do maintenance. There is a cost associated with this, even if you are doing it internally.

A cloud solution can be a secure option but you’d need to ask the right questions on the security and speed. There is just a cost of adding users.

A hybrid option is a good solution for those who don’t like to put all of their eggs in one basket and are likely to want to retain control on their more sensitive data.

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