Benefits of Private WAN

What is Private WAN?

Private wide area network (WAN) provides multi-sited business with secure, reliable communication and data sharing

Data is transmitted using the multi-protocol label switching (MPLS).

Private internet traffic is prioritised for efficiency and reliability. The public network is avoided, so security is improved.

Types of WAN

* VPNs - useful if your business has multiple sites that share the same business systems, peripheral equipment and sensitive data. Connections are encrypted.

* P2P - usually used to link just 2x sites together, useful for businesses with multiple local branches. No need to share bandwidth with other companies, everything will be faster.

Who benefits from Private WAN?

* Private WAN is ideal if your business needs to synchronise data across sites without delay. 

* IT infrastucture can be centralised and administration simplified, reducing need for in-house IT and networking skills.

* Provides bandwidth for high quality voice calls without affecting general data usage

* Provides a stable environment for collaborative applications, such as Microsoft Office 365.

* Scalable solution, WAN can be changed across your sites as business grows.

Does your Business need a Private WAN?

* Yes, if you regularly transfer data between your sites.

* Yes if you want to have access to bandwidth and not compete with other internet users.

* Yes if you want the business-critical applications always available.

Private WAN provides more protection.

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