How Do Commercial Security Gates Work?

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In an era where businesses face increasing security threats, it’s vital to implement effective security measures.

Commercial security gates are one such solution that provides a robust barrier against unauthorised access and enhances the overall security of your commercial properties.

But have you ever wondered how these gates actually work?

Commercial security gates are designed with advanced technology and engineering to provide reliable protection for businesses of all sizes. They offer a combination of physical strength, access control features, and automated operation to create a secure perimeter for commercial premises.

Understanding how these gates function can help you make informed decisions about implementing them in your security strategy. By gaining insights into how these gates work, you can better evaluate their suitability for your business and enhance your overall security posture.

How do electric security gates work?

Electric motor

At the heart of an electric security gate is an electric motor that powers its movement.

The motor is typically located within the gate structure or mounted adjacent to it. It may be AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) powered, depending on the specific gate design.

Access control system

Electric security gates are integrated with an access control system that manages the gate's operation and regulates access to the premises.

The access control system can include various components such as keypads, proximity card readers, biometric scanners, or remote controls. Authorised individuals use these devices or methods to trigger the opening or closing of the gate.

Gate Operation Modes

Electric security gates offer different operation modes to suit specific needs.

The most common modes include:

Manual mode: In manual mode, the gate operates like a conventional gate, where it is manually opened and closed by pushing or pulling it.

Automatic mode: In automatic mode, the gate is operated remotely using an access control device. Authorised personnel can trigger the gate to open or close by entering a code, swiping a card, using a remote control, or other authorised methods.

Timed mode: Some electric gates can be programmed to operate on a timed schedule. For example, the gate can automatically open in the morning and close at night, following a preset schedule.

Let’s now turn to the different types of commercial security gates commonly used to protect commercial properties.

Slide gates

Slide gates, also known as sliding or rolling gates, operate horizontally along a track.

They are a popular choice for properties with limited space or uneven terrain. Slide gates can be single-slide (one panel sliding to the side) or bi-parting (two panels sliding in opposite directions). They offer a smooth and space-efficient operation, making them suitable for both small and large entrances.

Swing gates

Swing gates operate similarly to a door, swinging open and closed on hinges.

They are available as single swing gates (one panel swinging open) or double swing gates (two panels swinging open in opposite directions). Swing gates are visually appealing and can complement the architectural style of the property. They require adequate space for the gate panels to swing inward or outward.

Vertical lift gates

Vertical lift gates, also known as vertical pivot gates, consist of a single panel that lifts vertically upward. These gates are ideal for premises with limited horizontal space or where the terrain does not permit sliding or swinging operations. Vertical lift gates offer a compact footprint and are suitable for high-security applications.

Barrier arm gates

Barrier arm gates, also referred to as boom gates or traffic barriers, are commonly used for vehicular access control.

They consist of a horizontal arm that raises or lowers to allow or restrict vehicle passage. Barrier arm gates are often seen at parking lots, toll booths, or gated entrances. They provide a visible deterrent and effectively manage vehicle traffic flow.

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Ramping up your business security

Each type of commercial security gate offers its own set of advantages, and the choice depends on factors such as available space, aesthetic preferences, level of security required, and operational needs. 

It's essential to assess your specific requirements and consult with security professionals  (such as the security team at BTT Comms!) to determine the most suitable gate type for your commercial property.

Remember, combining gate types with appropriate access control systemssurveillance cameras, and other security measures can provide a comprehensive security solution tailored to your business needs.

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