DIY vs Professional Installation of CCTV

Discover whether you should choose a DIY CCTV option for your business, or get a system which is sourced and installed by a professional.

What’s a DIY CCTV system?

A DIY approach is the 'plug and play' system

These types of cameras tend to be a lot smaller, and have basic security features.

Generally, they are cheaper than professionally installed systems because you won't be paying someone else to install it for you, however, you'll need to know how to install it, maintain it and integrate it with any other security solutions.

Professionally Installed CCTV

An audit of your property is undertaken to identify key areas for the cameras, which are then configured and installed by an experienced Security Engineer

Whilst ensuring you have the best viewing angles and set you up for optimum recordings.

Important factors to consider, regardless of your choice:

How you intend to access your footage

How you choose to store your footage

How to protect your business from hacking into your security system.

A commercial CCTV system is going to be more expensive but it will last you a lot longer, too. For example, we've installed CCTV systems that have lasted customers 10 years+ compared to DIY installations that haven't produced quality security footage past 2-3 years.

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