5 Reasons Your Warehouse Needs A Monitored Alarm System

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Whether you’re a start-up company or an experienced warehouse magnate, you’ll understand the importance of keeping your business assets locked tight and secure.

By nature, warehouses are prime targets for intruders. A combination of high-value stock and unmanned industrial estates units at night can make for easy pickings. So that’s just one simple reason why your warehouse needs a monitored alarm system.

There’s at least four more, but to keep it straightforward, we’ll stick to the basics with this article.

What is a monitored alarm system?

A monitored alarm system is a security system that is connected to a monitoring centre that monitors the system 24/7.

When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring centre is notified immediately and takes appropriate action - such as contacting the business owner, the police, or other emergency services.

Monitored alarm systems typically consist of a control panel, sensors, and a communication system. The control panel is the brain of the system and receives signals from the sensors, which can include door and window sensors, motion detectors, and glass break detectors.

Monitored intruder alarm systems give you the peace of mind that your business premises are being monitored continuously.

Let’s move on to the reasons why your warehouse truly needs a monitored alarm system.

1. Instant response

With a monitored alarm system, you receive immediate notification when the alarm goes off, which results in a faster response time from the appropriate authorities.
If it's a burglary, the police will be immediately dispatched to your location, and if there's an injured individual, an ambulance will be sent right away. This access to emergency services without delays is one of the benefits of having a monitored alarm system.

2. Latest tech for your assets

In warehouses and distribution centres, high-value areas are often enclosed by cages, but you can strengthen your security measures by incorporating cross-beam technology.

    This technology detects any movement across the beam line between sensors, and access can be granted through the use of a fob. If not, it's integrated with the intruder alarm and will trigger an alert. This enables the monitoring team to quickly identify the intrusion and respond promptly.

    3.Remote monitoring

      A monitored alarm system can be accessed remotely, allowing you to monitor your warehouse from anywhere, at any time. You can also control your system remotely, such as arming or disarming the system or adjusting the settings, providing added convenience and flexibility.

      So even when you’re sunning yourself on the beach, you can rest assured that your business premises are safe and secure with a monitored business alarm system.

      4. Reduces the risk of fire

        Because warehouse units tend to be in remote locations, there’s more than the risk of theft and vandalism to consider.

        A monitored security alarm will reduce your premises’s risk of falling victim to a fire, as it's connected 24/7.

        5.Prevents false alarms

          The alarms BTT Comms offer come with verification processes to prevent the incident of false alarms.

          When your warehouse intruder alarm is tripped, the monitoring centre will contact you to verify the threat before proceeding to contact the authorities.

          Get the best monitored alarm system for your warehouse 

          So there you have it. Five compelling reasons to install a monitored alarm system in your warehouse. 

          To get the best monitored alarm for your warehouse - BTT are here to help. We know that commercial alarm systems can be a minefield if you’re unsure what level of cover you need. 

          What we do is visit your business premises to perform a free security audit. This enables us to assess all the security risks to your business and provide you with a detailed audit of the areas that expose your business to opportunists. 

          Taking a careful look at the layout of your warehouse unit, the entrances and exits,  together with any existing security measures, we will advise you on the most robust monitored alarm system for your warehouse.

          Book your free security audit below:

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