What Happens if You Don't Switch Your Phone Lines

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We've spent a lot of time writing about the benefits of SIP, VoIP, SoGEA and completely digital infrastructure to inform people of the available options following the ISDN switch-off. But we've never really focused on what can happen if you don't make the switch in time, and get left behind with analogue lines for your business.

Let's start with the obvious.

Your Phone Lines Will Stop Working

When everyone else switches to digital-only, you'll have analogue lines that are no longer supported. Consequently, you won't be able to create or receive any phone calls. While this fact is obvious, it can be severe for your business.

Businesses most at risk are:

  • Call Centres
  • Mechanics
  • Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Taxi businesses
  • Any business that relies on customers calling in

Doctors Practices, Hospitals and Dental surgeries take a huge volume of calls from potentially vulnerable people who expect a good line of communication with their GP. It's essential that these lines of communication aren't down for any period of time.

Your Internet will stop working

The current lines you use for the internet will no longer be fit-for-purpose and would stop functioning after the ISDN switch off. This can be disastrous for any business, as a broadband connection isn't only responsible for browsing the internet in today's business world, it's the middle-man between many of the technologies modern businesses utilise, such as cloud storage, software as a service and even more fundamental things, which brings us to our next point.

You Won't be Able to Take Card Payments

PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) machines currently rely on analogue lines to communicate with banks and create monetary transactions.

When the switch-off happens, they will cease to function.

Any customer-facing business, from hairdressers to local shops to car garages will need to look at the type of connectivity options after the ISDN switch off and switch soon otherwise they run the risk of being unable to be paid for their products and services.

Your Alarms May Stop Working

The wires that speak to your alarm systems are old copper telephone wires. If you haven't made arrangements to upgrade your phone and security systems for the ISDN switch off, your CCTV or motion sensor may become aware of someone's movement, and the signal gets sent to the alarm and alert system, but nothing will happen.

Businesses especially prone to burglaries and crime should get in contact with us ASAP to understand how much time they have left, and what options they have available to make sure their business stays secure year-round.

You Will Lose Your Business Phone Numbers

We don't need to tell you how important your numbers are for your business, your most valued clients and customers would likely have your business number saved to their phones. Suddenly losing your number without notice could be a catastrophe for your the continuity of your business.

If you don't make arrangements before the ISDN Switch Off your business phone numbers will be completely and permanently lost. With BTT, you can keep all of your business numbers with only a few minutes of downtime will we make the switch to a digital line. Most people don't even notice!

Don't Leave it Too Late

Get in touch with our experienced engineers at BTT, so we can help you avoid what happens when you don't switch your phone lines.

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