Unified Communication Tools for Hotels

Unified Communications brings multiple forms of communication channels such as voice, video, software, data etc together, enabling you to use them all from one application on any device. We have gone past the desk phone and email being enough. Hotels can benefit from using Unified Communications simply because it speeds up communication and you don’t just need a computer to use it, so those moving around the site can use it on their device or if you have staff working remotely.

Benefits of Unified Communications

  • Flexibility – Unified Communications gives hotel staff the access they need to documents and be able to communicate easily, wherever they are and with any device, which increases the efficiency of your hotel and its staff.
  • Mobility – Hotel workers aren’t always fixed to their desk. Sometimes visiting sister hotels or just around the site doing their job. Unified Communications enables them to connect with co-workers at all times.
  • Efficiency – You can improve the responsiveness of your staff by giving them the tools to pick up messages, respond and work on the go. You improve their efficiency and boost the bottom line.
  • Privacy – With the introduction of Cloud Unified Communications, you will experience greater levels of data privacy – a more exclusive company interface and a much more secure connection.

What can Unified Communications merge?

Some key features of Unified Communication features:

  • Instant messaging
  • “Availability” – knowing if the person you need to contact is free or busy
  • Conferencing applications
  • Teamwork applications – to coordinate work on group projects
  • Video conferencing
  • Voice & click to call (from any directory, e.g. Outlook)
  • Voice messaging – to e-mail and phones
  • File sharing
  • Softphones
  • Directory integration

Unified Communications Tools for Hotels

We have a variety of Unified Communication tools that can be used by all businesses but the ones that work best for hotels are Mitel MiCollab and the Wildix Collaboration tools. They have a range of integrations designed to help hotels specifically. If you want to deploy quickly and easily, then Wildix is the better tool.

Mitel Micollab

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Wildix Collaboration

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