Unified Communication Tools for Golf Clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres

With staff not being bound to desks in golf clubs, gyms and leisure centres, it’s important for them to still remain connected and be able to communicate across the business with ease, whilst having the information they need to do their job at their fingertips.

That’s where Unified Communications comes in. It merges all forms of communication technology like voice, video, instant messaging plus other features like file sharing etc into one application that can be access from any device. The idea behind Unified Communications is to “optimise business processes” and nothing does this better than an all-in-one solution.

It means for your staff that move around such as showing prospective members around can still stay in the loop and access/share vital information.

What can Unified Communications merge?

Unified Communications can bring together multiple forms of communication channels such as voice, video, software, data etc using one device. We have gone past the desk phone and email being enough.

Some key features of Unified Communication features:

  • Instant messaging
  • “Availability” – knowing if the person you need to contact is free or busy
  • Conferencing applications
  • Teamwork applications
  • Video conferencing
  • Voice & click to call (from any directory, e.g. Outlook)
  • Voice messaging – to e-mail and phones
  • File sharing
  • Softphones
  • Directory integration

Benefits of Unified Communications

The benefits to your golf club, gym or leisure centre are vast, you will see improvements in:

  • Flexibility – Unified Communications gives your staff the access they need wherever they are, at whatever time, increasing the efficiency of the business as well as the efficiency of your employees. Information flows freely throughout the organisation, helping workflows to be managed more closely and with the opportunity for staff to pick up messages through different mediums, they can become more efficient and effective at their jobs.
  • Mobility – Remote working is a rising trend and it empowers the users to work from, not only home, but anywhere in the world, Unified Communications enhances that experience by enabling remote workers to stay connected with co-workers at all times.
  • Efficiency – You can improve the responsiveness of your staff by giving them the tools to pick up messages, respond and work on the go. You improve their efficiency and boost the bottom line. 
  • Privacy – Cloud Unified Communications gives you greater levels of data privacy – a more exclusive company interface and a much more secure connection.

Unified Communications Tools suited to Golf Clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres

There are four unified communication tools we recommended for businesses but for a golf club, gym or leisure centre, there are three out of the four that are more suitable options.

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Horizon Collaborate

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Wildix Collaboration

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Microsoft Teams

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