Public WiFi

What is Public WiFi?

Public Wi-Fi is essentially opening your wi-fi network to the public so that everyone can access it. A Public Wi-Fi network is ideal if you have a physical location where visitors will be spending time such as a hotel, store or restaurant. You can offer your customers access to your Wi-Fi, for free or for a cost. These “hotspots” are so widespread and common that people frequently connect to them without thinking twice.

There are of course, security risks to consider which is why as a key rule you should keep all business operations on a separate network specifically for internal users.

Despite some risks, owning a Public Wi-Fi network can be hugely beneficial, for the following reasons:

  • Marketing – you can have a fixed log-in page, where for users to obtain free Wi-Fi, they need to supply their emails and naturally be exposed to your promotional messages on the page.
  • Increase footfall – if you advertise that you offer free Wi-Fi, that can be a huge draw for potential customers, especially, if they are looking to meet a business colleague.
  • Increase repeat purchases – some people just need to sit down or burn time, so they’ll turn to their devices. If they can freely access your Wi-Fi, they may spend longer because they are more comfortable, which in turn can increase further purchases.

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