How Video Analytics Can Aid HR Investigations

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From misconduct allegations to operational discrepancies, these types of investigations need precision, thoroughness, and adherence to privacy and compliance standards. This is when integrating video analytics is as a game-changer in revolutionising your business's HR investigative processes.

The challenge of HR investigations

HR investigations are complex puzzles. They require swift and accurate resolution, yet traditional methods often lack the efficiency needed in these modern, fast-paced environments. The reliance on witness statements, written records, and verbal accounts can lead to discrepancies and prolong investigations, impacting both your workforce and business's integrity.

The rise of video analytics: empowering HR investigations

Video analytics technology brings with it a new era of HR investigations, offering a wealth of advantages:

1. Unbiased and reliable evidence

Video footage provides an impartial and reliable account of events, minimising the reliance on subjective recollections. It offers a visual narrative that strengthens the investigation's foundation.

2. Enhanced efficiency and accuracy

By automating the analysis of video data, HR teams can swiftly pinpoint relevant footage, reducing investigation timelines significantly. Video analytics algorithms identify patterns, anomalies, or specific behaviours, streamlining the review process.

3. Insights and data-driven decisions

Advanced analytics unveil insights beyond the surface, detecting trends or correlations that might go unnoticed. This empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions backed by robust data.

4. Privacy protection and compliance

Redaction tools within video analytics respect employee privacy by selectively editing sensitive information while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Investigate HR incidents with ease

In addition to all of these advantages, managers also need to monitor employees’ wellbeing. Video surveillance combined with analytic software can aid your managers in quickly investigating staff incidents by searching through relevant video footage quickly.

Rapid analysis of post-incident footage can help validate claims or clear false claims, reduce litigation, and understand incidents post-event. For example, video data and analytics can be used to detect proximity between people, which can help a manager investigate whether an employee under investigation for harassment was ever in close proximity to the claimant.

Or the same technology could be applied to post-incident footage while investigating a workplace injury claim. Video analysis could uncover whether the incident occurred as described by the employee and could even be helpful in determining improved safety procedures to prevent future incidents.

How to implement video analytics

Before you go forth with video analytics, it's important to review the best processes to follow:

Step 1: Assessing needs and infrastructure

Evaluate your existing surveillance systems and infrastructure. Determine the scope and scale of video analytics you need to complement HR investigative processes.

Step 2: Selecting the right tools

Choose video analytics software tailored to HR investigative needs. Prioritise features like facial recognition, behaviour analysis, and redaction capabilities for privacy protection. Our expert team can advise you on the right tools for the task.

Step 3: Training and integration

Train HR staff on using video analytics tools effectively. Ensure seamless integration with existing HR systems for a cohesive investigative workflow.

The future of video analytics

The combination of video analytics with HR investigations is a powerful one.

It elevates the efficiency, accuracy, and ethical standards of workplace incident enquiries, empowering your HR professionals to navigate complexities while safeguarding employee rights and organisational integrity.

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