Does Visual technology improve your work environment?

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In this blog, we will be discussing Visual technology and how you can use them to make your workplace more productive and improve well-being.

70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eyes, so it's important to take into consideration how you are using this sense in and around your workplace. Visual technology is a great way to grab the attention of people within your workplace, whether that is customers or employees. Visual technology can increase productivity and make your work day easier. So how exactly does Visual technology improve your work environment?

Types of Visual Technology?

  • IP TV allows you to transmit content by updating from your computer and pushing it out to one or multiple screens. Ideal for; Hospitals, Hotels, Contact Centres, Retail, and Communal areas.
  • Wireless Presentation applications allow you to share your presentations from any device for all compatible screens. Ideal for; Hotels, Education, Hospitals, Auditoriums, Communal Areas, Retail, Event Venues, GP Surgeries, Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms.
  • Interactive screens and whiteboards are great for team collaboration projects and presentations. Ideal for; Hotels, Schools, Meeting Rooms, Retail, and Office spaces.
  • Projectors are easy to set up and integrate with your devices and show great-quality images. Ideal for; Auditoriums, Event Venues, Meeting & Training Rooms, and Board Rooms.
  • Video conference phones allow for visual and audio conference call meetings to take place. Ideal for; Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms.

Benefits for Staff:


You can use displays to put out positive messaging to improve the mood of the office. Whether this is inspirational quotes, saying thank you for a job well done, or maybe you occasionally put up photos of work events to add a bit of nostalgia. This is also a great option for any national holidays like Christmas.

Presentations can help to keep peoples attention by keeping them visually stimulated which is important in meetings. Presentations are also a great way to have an inclusive workplace, which is why having the right projector and screen is important. They're something that everyone can interact with and an easy way for everyone to understand the information being put across. For a guide to how to make your presentations as inclusive as possible go to the University of Sussex website where they have an informative guide.


Hybrid work is becoming more popular and common, and finding new ways to collaborate is important. Visual technology makes it easier to collaborate if someone is working from home, and makes it possible to meet customers without the commute time. Collaborative technology doesn't just apply to hybrid working, interactive whiteboards have become very popular in schools and have been shown to improve student concentration and participation.

IP TV allows you to transmit content by updating from your computer and pushing it out to one or multiple screens meaning you can send out memos ensuring that no one misses any information.

Ideas For Visual Displays?


Colour psychology can help set the tone for meetings and spaces in your workplace, so it's important to consider it when creating displays for screens. For example; blue has been shown to encourage better mind flow and performance, whereas orange promotes better focus, concentration, and creativity.

Using colour in presentations can also help keep the focus on the meeting and draw the eye to key points being made. It will also make the presentation look more thought out and you can include brand colours to keep it cohesive which can help when selling to a new customer.


Visual technology gives you the opportunity to include videos and animations. Almost 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing, so when you use videos and animation in displays or presentations you automatically get people's attention. Using animation and video is a great way to keep attention in meetings, and keeps customers stimulated whilst in waiting rooms.

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