Can Audio improve your work environment?

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In this blog, we will be discussing Audio Technology and how you can use them to make your workplace more productive and improve well-being. Noise is a major threat to our productivity, before the pandemic, employees lost an average of 29 minutes per week due to poor sound quality. There are many studies that tell us that managing noise and sound environment is crucial in built spaces. An example of this is the Leesman Index, which states that about 70% of the workforce today is not happy with the levels of noise in the workplace. So how exactly does audio technology improve your work environment and how can you implement it in your workspace?

What are the benefits?

Audio technology can improve the health and productivity of your workspace and staff through sound via modern digital systems. Audio technology is often also paired with Visual technology. (Read more about Visual technology here)

Research shows that a good sound environment leads to:

  • Increased well-being, less tiredness
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Facilitated concentration
  • Facilitated communication
  • Lowering of stress hormones
  • Fewer errors, increased accuracy

What types of Audio Technology are best for you?

Depending on your industry and what you are looking to improve in your place will depend on what audio technology your need. We have found that Audio technology is especially beneficial in the following industries:

  • Schools: By playing videos and music can help keep the attention of the students on the screen when you're teaching through presentations.
  • Hospitals: PA systems and speakers are extremely common in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as it helps get the attention of patients in waiting rooms and can improve communication between mobile staff, such as doctors and nurses.
  • Retail: Speakers are great a boosting the mood of both staff and customers in any kind of retail. It has been shown that a store playing music can boost a customer's mood and increase the chance of impulse buying. It has also shown that if the right music is played then it can boost the brand's image, so when playing music through a speaker keep in mind who your target audience is.
  • Offices: It has been shown that having speakers in the following areas, communal areas, reception, meeting rooms, Training rooms, and boardrooms, can boost staff morale and boost productivity. It can also boost the mood of any clients coming to visit your office as it boosts brand appeal. Having noise-cancelling headphones or headsets it can also improve a staff member's ability to concentrate on important tasks, especially in an open-plan office. It also means that they can block out noise pollution when in online meetings making the workplace come across as organised and professional.
  • Distribution/manufacturing centres: Similarly to hospitals, PA systems can help improve communication between mobile staff as they move around the spaces and can improve safety.


Visual technology is clearly beneficial for all different types of workplaces. Depending on where you are and in what industry you're in will depend on what your staff and customers' needs are. By contacting one of our experts today we can help you figure out your unique audio technology solution which will most likely be paired with a visual technology solution to get the most out of your workplace. We can then go on to install the equipment! contact us today: 0330 222 0330 | |

Not done with your research? Take a look at our AV technology page to find out more.

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