2019 in Review

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We started the year by launching our rebrand from BTT Voice and Data to simply; BTT and added our strapline; Keeping your Business Connected.

In addition, we developed a portfolio of icons to differentiate between our services. This approach has helped our prospects, suppliers and customers to easily identify our core message and the solutions that we offer.

Our rebrand would have not been as smooth without the following people; who we would like to thank and recommend:

Building our local presence

Over 25 years, our customer base has spread across the UK, despite our operations being based in the Midlands. Strategically, it made sense to focus on enhancing our reputation within the county.

We have done this by immersing ourselves within local networking, specifically, BNI. We are members of Prosperity and Lighthouse chapters and one in Wolverhampton (Century). So far this year, BNI has generated £56,637 of business.

Additionally, we took part in the SME Awards as a sponsor of the “Business of the Year, less than 50 employees” category. This raised our profile but we enjoyed reading about local businesses doing some truly innovative and exciting things.

Business growth, up by 21%

Despite a turbulent political and economical time, we are pleased to report that we are up by 21% on our turnover from last year.

Our business growth is down to being more proactive in our marketing, streamlining processes and actively growing our customer base. We have increased our local customer base as planned but we have also won several large projects, one of which is with a national furniture retailer, implementing private WAN and broadband across nearly 140 sites.

Our businesses success is down to our team. All of our team are knowledgeable, hardworking and have exceptional customer service skills. The support they give to our clients is why we retain 98% of our client base each year.

Ultimately, our attitude in 2019 has been; keep working and keep focused on what is within our control. We are looking forward to 2020 and hope that it will be as interesting as 2019!

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