Hunt Group

What is a Hunt Group?

Hunt Groups are a phone system feature which allows you to allocate a group of users to take incoming calls from a certain line. When someone rings that line, it will “hunt” for an available user within that group who can answer the call. Essentially, when you dial the phone number, it will ring on multiple phones either all at once or on one phone first, then another, then another until someone with the hunt group answers the phone.

With Hunt groups in place you greatly reduce the chance of missing any calls. You can negate it completely with a contingency in place if no-one from those hunt groups are available.

It tends to be a standard feature for most phone systems and you can set:

  • Users within the hunt group
  • Position the priority of users within group (whose extension rings first, second, third etc)
  • How calls are distributed

Hunt Groups are ideal for all types of businesses with more than a few employees.

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