Business Energy is the same as Consumer energy because a physical place of business still needs gas and/or electricity however energy suppliers treat household and business energy differently.

Difference between Household and Business Energy

The key difference between business and household energy is how suppliers set up contracts.

Household energy users tend to be in fixed contracts which are easy to get out (with a fee) or rolling contracts. However, business energy users are always locked into contracts of up to 5 years with no option to leave early. It is set up so that the business always pays the same amount for their energy over the contract term.

There is one aspect that business energy users can take advantage of; they can find an energy broker who can fix a rate for when their contract ends, even if it is in 5 years’ time.

Can businesses get Green Energy?

Businesses of all sizes can get Green Energy with the right energy broker.

You can access Green tariffs where the power is generated from 100% renewable sources. Most Green energy is generated through wind (hydro assets.)

It isn’t always the cheaper option because fossil fuels still dominate the market but some supplier do fluctuate their pricing to beat others in the market.

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