DDI (Direct Dialling In)

What is DDI? (Direct Dialling In)

Direct Dialling In (DDI) is a phone system feature. It allows outside callers to bypass the main phone line and call the person they want to speak to, directly by using a DDI (sometimes referred to as an Extension) phone number.

Most business operate with a main phone number for people to call in, then the person who answered the call will transfer it to a colleague if needed. They use an extension number.

A DDI is generally a phone number which incorporate that extension number Typically, it is the last three digits of a phone number which changes per extension.

For instance, if an extension number, internally is 551, the phone number would look something like this: 01536 211551. Your phone system will then bypass the main phone line number and route your incoming call, directly to you.

This is a great phone system feature but here are the three main benefits:

  • You get important calls that you want, come directly through to you.
  • The main phone line number doesn’t get clogged up by calls which could easily be handled by calling you direct.
  • Your customer / supplier is happy they can get hold of you, directly, without potentially waiting in a queue.

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