Cyber-Attacks on the Rise

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With US President Biden warning of an increase of cyber attacks from Russia, there's piqued interest around the world in regards to cyber-security and what threat it poses to them and their business. In this article, we investigate.

Cyber Attacks are increasing

Globally, as checkpoint states "Overall in 2021, researchers have seen 50% more [cyber] attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020." However focusing on specific parts of the world we can see that the situation in the UK is much worse, with a reported 62% increase in cyber-attacks!

Why is it happening?

During Covid 19, a huge part of the UK labour force began working from home when possible to slow down the spread of the pandemic, and while many have returned to the offices, it's fair to say that working from home is much more widely accepted and commonplace in the post covid world as it was before.

But the issue lies with digital practices that have formed from working from home, IBM's study shows that those new to working from home are deemed a security risk, as they are using personal laptops with little or no new tools to support them, and no training to inform them of the threats and best digital practices.

How can you protect your business?

The way we work has changed and SME's have not adjusted their practices to accommodate it. Whilst it's always good to get in touch with cybersecurity professionals about how to best secure your business, making sure your employee's passwords are different to their personal passwords, and making sure you have a disaster recovery plan in the event of a cyber-attack are two things you can do with minimal cost that can greatly increase the level of protection your business has fro cyberthreats.

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