5G Phone sales overtake 4G

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Sales Penetration of 5G overtakes 4G

In January 2022, the sales penetration of 5G capable smartphones has reached 51% in the global market and surpassing 4G for the first time in the technologies history.

According to counterpoints researche global monthly handset model sales tracker: China, North America and Western Europe had the highest adoption of 5G in the world, notably China had the greatest sales penetration of 84% in January.

In North America and Western Europe, Apple drives the growth

However, in Western Europe (76%) and North America (73%) the sales penetration is largely driven by Apple. As counterpoint research states "Apples dominates North America and Western Europe with a sales share of over 50% and 30% respectively."

How will the rest of the world adopt 5G?

So upmarket OEMs like apple are driving the growth behind America and Europe, but what about the rest of the world?

As more affordable chips are produced, the expanded scope of 5G will continue to increase. Such as the chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm which have allowed android 5G smartphones to enter the £250-$400 price range and we can expect Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin America to be next areas of focus to increase 5G market penetration.

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