Call Reporting

What is Call Reporting?

Call Reporting is software that either integrates within a phone system or bolts on to an existing phone system. Call Reporting software as a stand-alone product tend to have more in-depth analytics.

When you use Call Reporting, you can track the performance of every inbound and outbound call, whether that call came through to an extension, geographical line or a marketing specific phone number.

Call reporting is important for business because it allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls to the business and enable you to analyse areas where you may need to improve your business operations such as identifying if additional resource is needed at certain times of the day.

What does Call Reporting give you?

There is many call reporting software available but most call reporting enables you to view the following:

  • Scheduled reporting by email
  • Historic call logging and reporting
  • Cradle-to-grave call / contact visibility
  • Report API
  • Calls by half hour intervals
  • Calls by day/week/month
  • Calls by telephone number
  • Trend analysis by timeframe
  • Dashboard view
  • Wallboard
  • Abandoned call recovery
  • Supervisor call control
  • List, chart and BLF views
  • Agent activity reporting and control
  • Group and extension reporting

Key things to look at using Call Reporting

  • Call Abandonment - The number of missed calls in one week, one month and per department. You will need to know this to work out how many potential opportunities you have missed out.
  • The average number of missed calls per week and per month and per department. Again, this will let you know on average how much you are losing in terms of opportunities but also, it will give you a clear idea if there is an underlining problem, such as resource.
  • Peak times of missed calls. This will help you identify if more resource is needed. Perhaps you identify that the majority of your missed calls occur during lunch times. Are the lunch times appropriately staggered so there is enough cover? Or perhaps you just need to bring in a few from another department during the lunch time hour to cover?

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