Call Recording

What is Call Recording?

Call recording software enables you to record phone conversations, store them in a digital audio file format. The call recording software will give you the ability to retrieve, play-back, store and share any call recordings.

Why should a Business use Call Recording?

Businesses use call recording for three main reason; training, quality control and for evidence.

  • Training ā€“ Call recordings can be used as part of training to show how staff deal with customer service calls effectively or even sales teams to showcase different selling techniques.
  • Quality control - Using call recordings allows supervisors to review a sample of calls to ensure they meet the relevant requirements.
  • Call recordings ā€“ Using call recordings for evidence is by far the most common reason for call recording, especially in customer service. Customers could complain or insist they were told something but the call recording would establish the truth and it is easily shared with the customer to reinforce the truth of the situation.

Types of Businesses that Benefit from Call Recording

All businesses can benefit from call recordings but particularly those with contact centres, customer service and sales departments.

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