Business Mobiles for Small Businesses

Most small businesses have staff that are in and out of the office, at meetings or staff that work remotely. That’s where business mobiles can play a huge part; keeping your staff connected and being able to communicate with them wherever they may be. Likewise, because they are business mobiles you can track them and give them access to business related applications to help them do their job.

Another reason to choose business mobiles rather than allowing personal mobiles is that some of the business mobile networks we supply have created a network just for business users which means their network is never clogged up by general consumer traffic.

You need a business mobile to give you:

Strong internet connection - Solid network coverage - Flexible data plans

Business Mobiles need to be flexible to fit your business’s needs, so there isn’t one size, fits all, so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Business Mobile Tariffs

We can offer a range of tariffs including; single user unlimited plans and data only plans.

Additionally, we can provide a selection of bolt-ons including; text, business mobile data and international roaming. Alternatively, we can work with you to find a bespoke package that suits your needs.

Existing Mobile Numbers

We can easily port your existing number over, likewise, if you need a change, we can provide a new number, too.

Our mobiles are designed specifically for businesses;

  • 4G as standard / 5G is in the testing stage
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Data Pooling
  • Business Traveller
  • No consumer traffic clogging up the core network.
  • Enhanced Voicemail options - extended message storage, flexible greeting options customised to individual numbers and tailored greetings based on business hours

Data Usage

We have a range of data packages available and we will work with you to place data caps; you can define what each user needs and what, as a company, you are willing to overspend by.You can also have Data Pooling Enabler bolt-on which allows a user in a company to share mobile data from other colleagues who may not use all of their data allowances in a given month.

For example, if Joe Bloggs has used his 2GB allowance but Jane has only used 500MB, Joe can use Jane’s data allowance without the company incurring additional costs.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is an internet service that's entirely portable. All you need is a SIM and a compatible device. Generally, an eSIM is put into dongles or routers.

Our eSIM’s are multi-network that are un-steered which means they can automatically switch to give you the best service. They can be reprogrammed ‘over the air’ which means you can manage your eSIMs without having to swap them out of different devices; ensuring that you always get the best coverage with minimal delay.

It's a great way of getting broadband, higher download speeds, or a more reliable connection in areas where other fixed broadband services aren’t available or reliable.

They are ideal for small business owners who have their offices in rural location of have to travel for their job.

Read our case study on how we helped a small business use mobile broadband to enhance their business's productivity.

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