What is ADSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

ADSL allows for a quick transfer of data using your copper phone lines as a form of internet connection. ADSL is an asymmetric system in the fact that it prioritises downstream data as opposed to upstream data. This makes it a popular system for internet users who want to download things from the internet. This does mean that it could have limiting implications for businesses who require faster upload speeds.

ADSL connections were traditionally one of the most common types of broadband connectivity businesses used to connect to the internet however this is starting to be outstripped by Fibre broadband (FTTC/FTTP).

There are a few different types of ADSL; ADSL Max offers download speeds of up to 7 Mbps with upload speeds of up to 800K – and ADSL2+, which boasts download speeds of as high as 16 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5MB.

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