Private WAN for Leisure Groups

Private WAN is an ideal network solution if you have a chain of golf clubs, gyms or leisure centres and you want to share data, privately via your own private internet.

Private WAN is where an IP VPN uses Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to transmit data between two or more locations, whilst prioritising private internet traffic and avoiding public network to increase the level of security.

Private WAN gives your Golf Club, Gym or Leisure Centre:

Reduced Business Risk – Improved Productivity – Enhanced Security – Lower Voice and Data Costs

Can your group of leisure centres benefit from Private WAN?

Your group of leisure centres can benefit from Private WAN, if you can identify one of the following elements in your business:

  • A delay in data syncing up across different sites
  • If you are using an IP phone system that isn’t integrated into your data network
  • If you have more than one site
  • You are using collaborative applications.

Benefits of Private WAN for Leisure Groups

  • Reduced business risk – reliable network and resilient access options.
  • Improved productivity – when you use high-quality video conferencing, Unified Communications and other collaborative applications; that can be securely accessed from all sites and remote locations, meaning less business interruption.
  • Next-generation Firewall – our firewall has been designed to be highly available and cloud-based. It protects all of your VPN’s and ensures all users, whether they are based on-site or remotely receive the same level of protection against all cyber threats.
  • Purchasing options – there are a range of contract term options (including deals with no upfront costs).
  • Application prioritisation – uninterrupted access to the tools you need to do your job such as; voice and video conferencing and business-critical applications such as accounting software or CRM. 
  • Scalable bandwidth – your bandwidth can be changed to meet your needs across your leisure group’s sites to meet your needs, for now, and your future needs as your business grows.
  • Lower voice and data costs – attractively priced service contracts, no charges for site-to-site calls, competitive call rates, a reduced cost for internal IT and networking skills.

Enhance your your Leisure Group’s Operations

Private WAN is ideal for multi-site businesses that want to improve their service between sites and have a secure and reliable network.

Do you want to enhance your business operations, across your leisure group?

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