Phone Lines for Leisure Centres, Gyms and Golf Clubs

Without a phone line connection, your phone system won’t be able to transmit/receive phone calls. Traditionally, ISDN used to be the industry standard before IP technology because more reliable. ISDN will soon be switched off.

For the any businesses in the leisure industry looking at phone lines, we recommend SIP Phone Lines because it is the strongest alternative to ISDN in light of the upcoming ISDN Switch-off.

We have been installing phone lines (and phone systems) for over 25 years across the UK. We have installed solutions into golf clubs, gyms, leisure centres and other leisure businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, we have the experience and resource to tailor, install and support the best solution for your business.

ISDN Phone Lines

As mentioned above, ISDN phone lines are being phased out so they can be switched off. From September 2023 you will no longer be able to purchase any additional ISDN phone lines. Between April and December 2025, there will be a forced migration period before they switch them off.

This means you can still use ISDN phone lines until September 2023 but since it is out-dated technology, it is worth looking at alternatives, now, especially if you have plans to grow.

SIP Phone Lines

SIP is fast becoming the best alternative to ISDN in the UK for leisure businesses as SIP is cheaper on a per-line basis and it offers flexibility and control over your phone numbers whilst being quick to install.

SIP and SIP trunks is an on-premise or hosted solution for a phone system that uses virtual phone lines, created over your internet connection rather than physical wires. Leisure businesses are using SIP Trunks as their preferred method of connection for their phone systems. SIP phone lines can be ordered with as little as 1 channel and can be scaled up (or down) in line with your business’s needs and without the need for physical lines to be installed.

Any business in the leisure industry with a PBX can switch to our SIP trunking service and immediately benefit from more flexible, less expensive and more resilient phone service.

Benefits of SIP

  • Save Money on call costs and line rental – Free internal calls between sites and free calls to UK local/national and mobiles. 
  • Flexibility with phone numbers – You can easily port your existing numbers across and SIP trunking enables you to reduce the number of PBX’s you need to maintain whilst maintaining your existing phone number(s) regardless if you move.
  • Compatibility – SIP is fully compatible with all modern phone systems.
  • Scalability – SIP is perfect if you are growing (or even downsizing) and you want to retain your phone numbers. You are always in control because you can add phone lines, remove lines and split calls on demand. There are no limits to the number of lines you can use, simultaneously.
  • High Quality – We can proactively monitor and manage the quality of service across the entire network. 
  • Business Continuity – SIP trunking allows you to take your phone lines with you, wherever you may be, quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Easy to Deploy – SIP is fast and easy to deploy and can scaled up and down, on -demand and quickly. 

SIP Trunk Call Manager vs Inbound Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager (STCM) is integrated directly with your SIP lines and it can be deactivated or activated as needed. Inbound Call Manager is a standalone product.

They are similar in features but Inbound takes it further by enabling it to be activated on to mobiles and other phone lines.

Essentially, they both give you the ability to manage your entire number estate and all aspects of your inbound calls so that you have full control and don’t have to rely on a network operator to make changes for you.

STCM and Inbound both help improve your business’s customer service by ensuring all calls are managed by the right people, consistently, throughout quiet and busy periods. They allow you to consolidate all your numbers onto a single platform and never miss a call! You can make changes using a mobile app or the online portal.

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