NEC Care Home solution can help improve staff efficiency by up to 16%

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Why choose NEC Phone System for Care Homes?

When you choose our NEC Phone System for your Care Home, you don't simply get just a phone system. You get a smart healthcare solution that does more than let you answer phone calls, NEC's smart healthcare solutions improve the quality of patient care through enhanced patient handling. These solutions enable care home's to deliver the right medical treatment faster and more importantly, efficiently.

With the NEC Phone System you get:

  • Better patient insight - Seamless integration of patient data drives ready access to comprehensive medical records.
  • Improved staff cooperation - Presence-enabled messaging promotes faster responses and improved patient outcomes.
  • Reliable assured services - Full infrastructure redundancy delivers disaster preparedness and mission-critical continuance.
  • Care Team Integration - Highly integrated communications and collaboration tools allow caregivers to interact effortlessly and share information more easily for more coordinated and attentive team care.
  • Monitor individuals - By tracking patient activity our technologies enable individuals to be monitored as they move through the different stages of care being provided.
  • Nurse Call - A press of a button on a smart communication device or a mobile handset will instantly alert relevant staff of a patient in need including location details and escalation options via a variety of media.
  • Protect staff - Should employees find themselves at risk our notification solutions identify their precise location enabling immediate and appropriate action to be taken.

Time to upgrade NurseCall System? Limited on Budget?

Many NurseCall systems are no longer fit for purpose and can be increasingly expensive to maintain however, it may be more feasible to upgrade if you were to combine it with your phone system, too.

The average time spent giving care in care homes is typically just 22% of the working day. NEC’s iCall Nursecall Solution combines NurseCall and your Telephony which can improve your staff’s efficiency by 16% by reducing the amount of “corridor miles” covered by your staff.

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Why should you combine NurseCall with your Phone system?

If you can establish the reason behind the NurseCall such as if it is a request for a glass of water or an injury, rather than physically going to every individual room, you’ll be able to prioritise critical needs which will make your team more efficient in delivering care, especially when you are receiving multiple nursecalls.

By Adding Speech, you Add Speed! NEC’s iCall enables patients to speak directly to nursing staff. With a telephone in every patient’s room and a cordless NEC IP DECT phone for your nursing staff, you’ll be able to speak to your patient immediately to discover reason for the call and likewise, your staff can easily be reached, wherever they are in the building. This in turn creates quicker responses, a better level of care and reduces the time consuming ‘corridor miles’ for your team

How can you Monitor or Prevent Wandering Patients?

Wandering patients are a 24-hour concern for care homes, especially with the exceptionally vulnerable like Dementia sufferers; it can create serious health and safety concerns.

NEC’s Wanderer Detection bracelets can help prevent accidents and maintain peace of mind by controlling access to areas through the bands. They can be integrated with an access control system so that doors, rooms or corridors can be locked down automatically or controlled manually with a press of a button for each patient.

Is Incident Reporting a Mandatory Requirement?

Logging response times and details of emergency calls is essential for care homes and for some, it’s a mandatory requirement for external authorities, however keeping accurate, detailed reports can be challenging.

NEC’s iCall provides staff ID in the form of a key fob which is scanned when an emergency is called and details such as location and response times are automatically logged. Essentially, you’ll have a complete report history, automatically.

The reports can be broken down into different groups such as Per Room, Per Group or Nurse and can detail what button was pressed and the response times so you’ll be able to monitor, manage and enhance your levels of patient care, too.

Lakeview Rest Homes St Annes, Lancashire, UK

To maintain the highest levels of care, Lakeview requires 24/7 connectivity across four rest homes between nurses, clients, and their families. The existing PBX was causing major problems and the cordless solution was unreliable. Other challenges included the nursing staff being mobile around the premises, coupled with the complication of Lakeview being a multi-site organisation – it meant communications weren’t up to standard.

Results; 30% increase on-call conversion, Improved levels of care & guest satisfaction, and 33% call cost reduction for clients & families.

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