Managed IT

Your IT systems form the foundations of how productive your business will be. When something interrupts or breaks your technology, it is a race to get it fixed before your business experiences too much downtime or loses its productivity. Most businesses have someone who is technical minded that may help alongside their own job but any technical issues take them away from what they are paid to do.

Delivering, supporting and maintaining your IT systems require specific skill sets and adequate resources; something that not many businesses can do without recruiting their own in-house team or employing a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Managed IT is where you have a third party, like ourselves who take over complete management of your IT needs as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) and provide day-to-day support to all of your users. Essentially, you have a dedicated phone number for your own IT department where you can have a technical team ready to support you in any day-to-day issues whilst in the background, they are ensuring your core systems are maintained and secure. Your MSP is in charge of ensuring your staff and systems remain connected and supported

How does a Managed IT Service Agreement work?

We will meet with you to discuss what type of IT Managed Support you may need by discussing your current systems and plans for the business. We will tell you how we can add value and if you are interested, we will put together a quote.

Our Managed IT service is completely bespoke so we can’t give you an idea of pricing without meeting you to discuss what systems you have in place and number of users etc. We also need to gain an understanding of what you need as a Service Level Agreement so that all fixes can be measures against this. We offer different tiers of support such as whether it will be remote only, on-site only or a mixture of both. The price you will be quoted will be a fixed monthly cost for unlimited access to our technical team.

Once you choose us as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) we will sit down with you to firm your goals for the year ahead and what systems you have in place.

What we need from you:

  • Details of any growth plans or IT projects
  • List of all software and IT systems you are using
  • Contact details of all of your software providers

Our support packages include:

  • Onsite support
  • Remote support
  • Proactive visits
  • Cybersecurity software
  • Regular progress/update meetings
  • Maintenance of core I.T systems and services
  • Automatic updates
  • Access to the client portal
  • Guaranteed response and resolution times

We will make contact with all of your existing software providers to introduce ourselves and build a relationship with them. We will run an audit of your system to ensure everything is running optimally before setting up scheduled maintenance and back-ups.

You will be supplied a dedicated phone number to our IT Support desk to give to your staff. Any technical problem, they can call us directly, no matter if it is a simple password reset to a data breach, we will be here to help.

Our Managed IT Service

Our fixed service level agreements deliver ongoing IT support and solutions for your business whilst bolstering your core systems with high-level security and any needed upgrades. Meaning you experience all the benefits of an expert in-house IT department without the costs and responsibilities associated with maintaining a permanent team.

From ensuring your network is secured and backed-up to ensuring you staff are supported with any day-to-day issues to proactively ensuring you have the best solutions in place for your business; we are here to support your business.

Reasons to outsource your IT

  • Save Staff Costs – Most businesses, particularly small businesses, don’t need a dedicated IT person to support their business, full-time or part-time. With BTT as your chosen MSP; you get all the technical help and support your business needs without the cost of recruiting, retaining, managing and training an IT staff member. 
  • Single Point of Contact – It can be frustrating when you have many different IT systems, some of which may integrate with each other and then one of them causes an issue and you are the person that needs to contact multiple different providers and hope they can help without the blame game. Our Managed IT solution means that we take ownership over the problem and sort if out for you. You just need to contact us for your technical issue to be resolved.
  • Experienced IT Talent – When you outsource your IT to us, you get access to all of our IT Technical team who have a wide range of experience and knowledge. Thinking of a new system or solution but not sure if it’s the right one? Want a better way of working? Want information or guidance on a new piece of technology? Our job is to give you those answers, advise and support. You will never be behind the curve again when we are part of your team.
  • Technical Support On Demand – Sometimes you have more issues one month than you do the next which means that if you had internal IT support, there would be a flux in productivity and therefore return on your investment of employing them. When you choose us as a Managed Service Provider, we have more than one person available to you and if you experience more technical issues in odd months, we have the resource to support you. 
  • 24/7 Support – Should you be a business that operates, 24/7 and have an internal IT function, you would have to rota them and pay them for just being available to be on-call and ready to deal with any issues. With us, it would be built into your monthly cost and SLA so you wouldn’t have that extra cost. 
  • Improve your Productivity – When you have an experienced technical team looking after your IT systems, it is easier for them to identify any ways to improve the business’s productivity and that is exactly what we do; we get to know your business and give you solutions to streamline your processes and implement it for you.
  • Reduce your Downtime – When your systems are being maintained for you, this reduces the potential for downtime for updates and upgrades because it all happens behind the scene for you, automatically. Likewise, when there is an issue, you have a team dedicated to finding the solution and fixing the issue for you so that downtime is minimal. 
  • Enhanced Security – You can have an experience IT team who can put in the right security measures to protect your network and be ready to deal with any issues as well as proactively searching for ways to enhance your security further. 

Choose an Experienced IT Team

We have a team of experienced IT professionals ready to support your business, 24/7 and help keep your business connected and operating at maximum efficency.

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