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Wolverhampton Just Got an Upgrade

A new digital highway has opened beneath Wolverhampton, and it's finally time to get out of the slow lane.

CityFibre has rolled out a $50m fibre-optic investment for the Wolverhampton area, which can multiply your business's internet speeds by a factor of 10.

What's so good about full-fibre?

After you embrace full-fibre, you can expect:

  • Lower costs and rates when using your telephony
  • Much, much faster broadband speeds
  • Greater control over how you can use your telephony
  • A much more reliable communication system

And most importantly, your connectivity will be future-proof.

How much faster?

If you're using FTTC, you can expect speeds to increase by a factor of 4. If you're using ADSL, you can expect an increase of a factor of 25.

In real-world terms:

Copper/ ADSL FTTC Full-Fibre
Music Album
5.35 mins 47.6s 12.6s
Movie (HD) 1.2hrs 8mins 2mins
Movie (Blu-Ray) 4:58hrs 41mins 10mins
Large Computer Game 14.5 hrs 2 hrs 32 mins

Cheaper than a Lease Line

Lease lines are great solutions for a business with high data requirements. The downside th that installation, maintenance and connectivity costs run high and the connection is often not even full-fibre.

With Full-Fibre, you're taking advantage of end-to-end fibre optic, which is part of centralised infrastructure.

Maintenance, connectivity, and transitioning costs are significantly cheaper than using a private lease line.

Is Your Business Still in the Slow Lane?

Get ahead of your competitors, boost your business productivity and leave the pain of slow broadband in the rearview mirror.


Q: How long will it take to switch to Full-Fibre?

A: You can expect the whole process to take 5-10 days

Q: Can I keep my existing handset(s)?

A: Yes, via an Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA) connected to your router

Q: Can I still use my PDQ machine?

A: Yes, you will need to use a service that runs over broadband

Q: Will I lose my old numbers?

A: No, you can keep your old number/ numbers

Q: Can I still use my fax machine?

A: Sadly no, we recommend you use a FAX-to-Email service

Q: Will I still be able to use my phones while the transition is happening?

A: Yes, on the day of transition, there will be approximately 5 minutes of downtime as your system is actually switched from the copper network to the fibre network. We find in most cases people don't even notice it.

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