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Low-risk Business Communication solutions for Cambridgeshire businesses

Most businesses can deliver the technology you need but you need great service to satisfy the investment.

We won’t necessarily be the cheapest but we will be the best on customer service.

It is common in our industry to sign up customers into long contracts, deliver terrible service and plan for them to leave at the end so be constantly signing up new customers.

We find this business model is not sustainable for us since we value our reputation, so our business is based on a customer retention model. We tend to only lose 2% of our customers a year, and that is generally due to businesses that have been taken over by businesses with their own suppliers.

There is always a risk when you choose a new supplier but when you choose us, your risk is low. We based a short drive from Cambridgeshire where we have been based for around 25 years. We are still independently run by two Directors, Robert Bright and Shiv Passap who are still at the face of the business. We keep ourselves ahead of new technologies so that we are positioned to sustain our growth as well as our clients.

We are well-positioned to offer you a solution to your business communication needs.

There is no risk in meeting with Rob or Shiv (or both of them if you’d prefer.)

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