Unified Communication (UC) for Care Homes 

Why UC?

Care homes have a duty of care to provide a Flexible & Agile service

UC helps you do that by bringing together different technologies 

Voice, Email, Data, Chat, Video all made easy through one system.

UC has been proven to benefit most businesses

But it can transform healthcare orgs due to the enhanced collaboration between colleagues.

UC on the Go

Care home workers are on their feet all day, 

Imagine how much easier it would be if the carer didn't need to got a laptop to do notes. and fill in important assessments.

Carers will be able to enter this crucial data onto tablets or phones while continuing with residential care. 

Any queries can be directed to their colleagues via instant messenger quickly without physically needing to go and find them, or wait for them to see an email.

Residents files can be shared and edited between care home staff.

What UC tools are best?

We've tried many, many, UC tools in our offices

Here are the three we can give our wholehearted recommendation for:

Mitel Collaboration

Mitel has some special add-ons that are specific to healthcare, and work to integrate with certain applications, but this does come with a higher price.

Horizon Collaborate

Similar features, at a more affordable cost to Mitel

Wildix Collaboration

Similar features, at a more affordable cost to Mitel

Get a FREE demo of any of these tools before you decide!