Types of Call Reporting

What is Call Reporting?

Call reporting allows you to track the performance of calls.

You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls to the business and enable you to analyse areas of improvement.

Does your business need Call Reporting?

When used correctly, yes!

The most common reason for a business to use call reporting is the question: "how many calls is by business missing?"

Use this Formula!

Standard level of Call Reporting

- Many Phone Systems have basic call reporting built in which gives info regarding:

- Number of Outboud/Inbound calls per Day/Week/Month

- Number of lost calls per Day/Week/Month

- For some businesses, that's enough!

Basic level of Call Reporting

Standard integrated call reporting is the basic level which covers historical call reporting

You get scheduled reports, cradle to grave call reporting and trend analysis by multiple intervals (hourly, daily, etc.)

Intermediate level of Call Reporting

This levels grants a dashboard that helps manage resources & usage costs. 

Real time call analytics 

A desktop wallboard is usually included at this level

Advanced level call reporting 

Used by larger businesses

Operates in real time, allows thorough analysis of calls 

Allows you to recover abandoned calls (and stop competitors from taking them!)

Advanced +

The highest level of call reporting reserved for large scale call centres

Supervisors get constant real time monitoring to ensure no lost calls.

You can manage staff, campaigns and resources by directing calls real time to colleagues who don't normally answer the main-line.

5 Ways to improve call reporting

1. Peak time resource - Identify peak times and allocate resources accordingly

2. KPI's - Address phone answering culture if calls are often missed. Answer within 3 rings!

3. Employ a call handling service - Best for small business

4. Review the reports - review KPI's on a monthly basis

5. Voicemails - If it must go to voicemail, make it interesting. We know some businesses that change their voicemail daily! 

Do you need Awesome Call Analytics?