Reduce Thefts by Protecting Your Staff Car Park

Ways your car park can be used against you:


Targeting staff

Easier targets

Method of entry to the rest of the site

Getaway vechiles

Security Advice

* Palisade Fencing - ensures your car park boundary is solid

* Drop Arm barriers allow automatic entrance for authorised persons or force people to be manually verified

* Use CCTV to monitor and record any incidents

* Integrate Access control within all entrances to/from the car park 

* Distribute Permits to control number of vehicles allowed

Car Park Lighting

Limit the dark spaces by providing good lighting.

*Small Car parks; use motion sensing lighting

*Large Car Parks; use high mast flood lights

*Multi-story car parks you’ll need good lighting in all areas, particularly stairwells.

Something Extra

Beam Technology notifies you if the perimeter is breached. It can:

* Send a notification

* Trigger the intruder alarm & ring

* Trigger the CCTV to pop-up the exact camera view to Security

Integrate thermal imaging with your CCTV so you are notified if it is a human, not animals

Speak to our team about how to protect your car park from opportunists and in turn, protect your team.

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