What is the difference between Public and Private Cloud?

Let's start with the Public Cloud

* Updates and security are the responsibility of the owner of the cloud solution.

* Cloud solutions are a monthly/ annual fee based on the number of users.

* Cloud solutions are easily scalable because of the ease of being able to add users.

What about Private Cloud?

* Data and applications are stored on your server or a private cloud at a location of your choosing.

* The security of the on-premise solution is within your control and the maintenance falls to you.

* The hardware/software you purchase is limiting you to a certain limit of space, but, with good business planning you'll be able to purchase of additional space before it becomes an issue.

Checklist before you migrate to Private Cloud

Storage and Speed

You need to ensure you have the right amount of storage available before you start migrating over. 

There's nothing worse than stopping halfway through to locate what files went over and what didn’t!

I.T. Resources

You’ll need the right skills internally, or employ an outsourced I.T. solution to assist with the maintenance.


You’ll need to consider the level of security you need for your cloud. Especially if you are protecting sensitive data.

Disaster Recovery 

This could happen during the migration period, consider this before you start the process. Do you have a back-up solution in place?

What is your Deployment Strategy?

Preparation and planning are key.

* Are you going to keep everything in the public cloud until it is migrated over?

* How much do you need to migrate?

* Will you migrate in stages or bulk?

* What costs are involved?

* How will you inform employees?

Need help with migrating to the cloud? 

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