Planning for Disaster

Why make a Disaster Recovery Plan?

If one (or all) of your systems go down it could seriously damage your business.

Businesses have been known to go out of business because they can't recover what's lost and with cyber attacks becoming more commonplace, disasters like this are becoming more prominent.

What type of disaster should you plan for?

It depends on your business, and you should be aware of any specific disasters may be business susceptible to. 

However, the most common types are:

* Natural Disaster

* Terrorist Attack

* Cyber Attack

* Epidemic Illness

What do you need in your plan?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. The nature of the attack you're susceptible to, needs to inform the nature of the plan. 

Your plan should detail what your business should do as a whole and especially outline the responsibilities of key people.

Take note of all the systems you have in place, and their expected downtime.

Key things to include:

* Disaster Recovery Goals

* When to inact the plan

* Business Impact

* Preventative Measures

* Step-by-step plan of action

* Key people and Responsibilities

* Risks and potential Downtime

* Costs involved in implementing

Test and Review!

It's important to constantly test and review your plan, especially if you have new systems coming into place. Your plan, like all other aspects of your business, need to adapt as things change!

Am I okay if my systems are hosted in the cloud?

The clouds a good place to host your data, but it's not fool-proof. What if someone hacks your account and deletes everything? 

You need to ensure you have regular back-ups on alternate drives.

How much is all this going to cost me?

DR planning & implementation has become more affordable over the past few years.

A DR plan is a mitigation of cost in the event of disaster, so it's always going to be more expensive if you don't have one

Want to reduce your business risk?

We can advise you on key points to consider so that if disaster does strike, your telecoms, connectivity and security technology is up and running with minimal disruption.

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