ISDN Migration Checklist: ISDN to IP

The ISDN switch off is fast approaching, and the time to put a plan in place is now

Take a look at he step-by-step checklist we've put together for you.

1.What Technology will it be?

For this checklist, we'll assume you've chosen IP

There's several ways to implement an IP phone system, however all of them require SIP phone lines!

2. All at once or in phases?

SIP can function alongside ISDN so the switch can be done in phases

It depends on your business, but the step by step option is only available while ISDN are still functional.

3. Audit the Current System

This is a big part of the process as it the supplier and installer will need to work out the following:

- What phone system do you currently have?

- How many users do you have?

- Do those users need handsets or softphones?

- How many SIP lines do you need?

- Do you have the right bandwidth?

- Will your IP Phone System be hosted on a private cloud or a server?

- Can your cabling infrastructure support SIP?


There is less infrastructure than ISDN, but still some set-up to do.

Like setting up a virtual server or private cloud and porting numbers. Some cabling work may also be necessary to update your infrastructure.

Testing and Checking

The main part of any new installation is good testing to ensure it all runs smoothly & doesn't hinder business operations. 

Securing the System

- SIP comes with built-in resilience and business continuity features but you need to ensure that it all fits within your DR plan and it actually works.

Go Live!

Time to turn the new system on.

As long as you've followed all the other steps, it should all go smoothly. 

Help with migration?