Industrial CCTV System Checklist

Industrial sites tend to be large in nature

They need a lot of planning when installing security systems.  So you need to consider a few things before installing security systems...

This checklist will help as you walk around your site to audit your security.

Before you take a walk

* Why do you need CCTV in place? As a deterrent? Health & Safety? Production purposes?

* Do the cameras need to be discreet? 

* Is a live feed required? Perhaps to a control room?

* Where will you store recordings?

* Do you need cameras indoors or outdoors? Or both?

Take a walk around the site and think about the following...

* Location - where do they need to be located? Are there any blindspots?

* Height - how high do the cameras need to be?

* Privacy - are there specific areas where you need to be careful about breaching privacy?

* Power access - can you get power to the cameras?

* Lighting - any sun traps to block the visual? Sufficient lighting at night?

Now it’s time to think more about the system you want in place.

Image quality - how clear do you need the image to be? Do you need finite detail?

Lighting - do you need low-level lighting? Infra-red?

Audio - do you need audio?

Fixed or rotational - do you need zoom, focus, pan or fixed position?

Broadband - sufficient broadband to transmit footage?

Maintenance - who is going to check the cameras are operational regularly?

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